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Midnight Brew

Jazz lost it's way when people stopped dancing to it. Back in the 40's, Jazz was America's pop music. Then musicians got too hip, the playing got too far out, and the music left the groin and moved to the cerebrum. Big mistake. This CD covers a wide spectrum of jazz, from bebop to standards to funk to latin to "smooth" jazz. The idea that holds it all together is that the groove comes first, last and always. The melody supports the groove. The solos stay in the groove. This music grooves - and you can groove with it.

Midnight Brew Album

In the "old days" of vinyl, this would have been a "double album," but with digital technology this one CD can hold over 73 minutes of music, and it does! The album really ends with Justo's burning rendition of "Night and Day," but due to popular demand there is a "bonus" track: 12 Short Years, a tune dedicated to John Coltrane and his Quartet.

Enjoy the "brew."

Midnight Brew Album

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The George Kahn Quintet is:

with special guests:

Song List

  1. Swiss Chesse
  2. Don't You Worry 'bout a Thing
  3. A Bop for Billy (for Billy Higgins)
  4. I Heard It Though the Grapevine
  5. Otro Tu
  6. Midnight Brew (for Dave Brubeck)
  7. Out of Time (feat. Tierney Sutton on vocals)
  8. Night Shadows
  9. Some Other Time
  10. Open House
  11. Night and Day (feat. Justo Almario)
  12. 12 Short Years