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Conscious Dreams

This recording, made in 1985, consists of 8 different tunes. They were all recorded live at Mad Hatter studios on a 9' concert grand piano that had a "forte midi-mod" installed. This allowed me to hook 7 synths up to the piano, and different octaves of the piano would trigger different synths (I had 3 synth programmers on the session tweaking knobs as I played). I used the DX-7, Kurzweil 250, Prophet 5, Oberheim Expander, 360 Bass and Casio 5000. This is rather early in midi history, and so if the sounds are retro, it's because that's what existed in 1985! I couldn't recreate this sound exactly today if I tried! The goal was to create a synth album a la Vangelis or Jarre, but to do it organically, coming from the acoustic piano - no sequencers were used, just real fingers on real keys. I think we succeeded in making it work- the emotion comes through the technology.

As a special bonus, the CD version also contains "Cosmos", an 18 minute composition created by commission for a modern dance company. This piece which uses mathematical variations on a 6 note theme was created in 1992. It is performed by George Kahn on synthesizer, with help from Jimmy Street on flute and knob tweaking. It is a journey through space that is best appreciated with the lights out.

Song List

  1. The Garden
  2. Procession
  3. Snake Dance
  4. Lydia
  5. Evening Raga
  6. Gurumayi
  7. Womb Tune
  8. Inward Ascent
  9. Cosmos (bonus track)