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…Compared to What?

Featuring George on Piano with Justo Almario and Eric Marienthal on sax, Alex Acuna on drums, Brian Bromberg on bass, and others. George Kahn's newest offering is "always hip", featuring both unique arrangements of standards and originals.

A review by Andrew Gilbert:

Los Angeles is often portrayed as a jazz wasteland, a huge, sprawling region where too many jazz musicians are looking for lucrative studio gigs rather than honing their sound. The truth is that LA boasts an impressive array of world class improvisers, but like so many other artists, they often languish in the shadow of Hollywood, which soaks up so much media attention.

Pianist George Kahn is a player who is making the most out of the Southern California scene. He cites pianists such as Dave Brubeck, Ramsey Lewis, Joe Sample, Vince Guaraldi and Wynton Kelly as role models, though his own sound also incorporates elements of New Orleans funk and Afro-Caribbean flavors.

Since he started recording as a leader in 1999, Kahn has released a series of albums that feature many of the finest players in Southern California. On Out of Time, he collaborated with the late trap set genius Billy Higgins. Freedom Vessel showcases the remarkable interplay between bassist Dave Carpenter and drummer Joe LaBarbera, a supremely gifted drummer best known for his many recordings with pianist Bill Evans. On Midnight Brew, Kahn brought the powerful trumpeter Bobby Rodriguez into the mix, along with vocalist Tierney Sutton, who has done such impressive work for Telarc. His latest album, Compared To What?, came out last October, and it has garnered strong reviews. With Fumo and saxophonists Eric Marienthal and Justo Almario, bass master Brian Bromberg and drummer Alex Acuna, Kahn assembled an all-star cast, along with newcomer Lemmon, who makes her recording debut on the title track (made famous by Les McCann and Eddie Harris's hit 1969 recording, Swiss Movement).

It's a bracing advance by the gifted pianist, who has slowly but surely created a distinctive jazz identity separate from his thriving career as a composer for television.

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Song List

  1. On Green Dolphin Street
  2. Mercedes the Lady
  3. Compared to What
  4. 5 to Get Ready, 10 to Go
  5. Too Much Sax
  6. Woodstock
  7. Soul Sauce
  8. Gnome Sayin'
  9. Alice in Wonderland
  10. The Hero's Journey (for Josh Fiedel)